Every New Zealander can benefit from putting together a financial plan...

This site helps you UNDERSTAND the answers to your everyday questions and how those might fit into a more rounded financial planning approach.

Common Questions

What should I do with my superannuation scheme, KiwiSaver or other lump sum?

Cash flow is the key component to developing an investment strategy that will fund your ongoing...


How much will I be able to spend?

You need to have a plan. This is an important part of predicting what you will require to fund...


How do I replace my salary with a regular income from my investment(s)?

This is the most difficult part for most retirees and really is a matter for professional...


How do I best protect my wealth?

One of the biggest risks that people face when trying to protect their wealth is inflation. Most...


More Questions

Knowledge Series

Fast Track to your Financial Independence

With limited working years left until the beginning of your retirement, making the most of your...


Hints & Tips

The Importance of Recording Information

Death is a fact of life, if you were to pass away today would your family know what your wishes are...


Get into KiwiSaver

Most people under 65 years of age should be enrolled with KiwiSaver. The benefits are significant...


Know the Benefits of Super Schemes

Many firms in New Zealand offer a super scheme that you can be a part of. If your employer does and...


Get together an Emergency Fund

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball that we have to deal with. That curve ball could be anything...


More Hints

Understand University

FP102 | Financial Planning 102 - Know your ins and outs

The answer to accumulating enough capital in order to achieve short, medium or long term goals is...


FP101 | Financial Planning 101 - Getting Clear

The key to the achievement of your long term goals and objectives is first and foremost getting...


Why a Financial Plan?

The Understand website is designed to start you thinking about why and how you might go about planning for your future. This site is designed to answer some burning questions you may have and give you a guide into the world of financial planning. Only a personal financial plan will address your issues and help achieve your goals.

So you know you need a financial plan, but how do you get one?

Talk to an NZFP Authorised Financial Adviser

At NZFP all our advisers are qualified Authorised Financial Advisers.

For over 20 years New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) has been helping New Zealanders create financial independence and manage their wealth to give them the freedom to enjoy life, now and in the future.

We are able to help most people - from an employee to a business owner; from someone in their 20's starting out, through to a couple starting to enjoy their retirement; from people without any savings at all, through to those managing and protecting significant wealth.

Go to www.nzfp.co.nz and learn more about NZFP and how one of the advisers can help you plan for the future.

Get help from another qualified professional

In 2011 new legislation came into force which meant that all financial advisers had to become qualified to offer advice to the public. All financial advisers now have a legal requirement to act with care, diligence and skill. They must also put your needs first and not mislead you.

Click on the link below for information on financial planning and advisers.

Go to www.fma.govt.nz and learn more about the type of advisers, how they can help you and a list of advisers.

Do it Yourself

You may wish to continue searching for information and developing your own plan for the future we have listed a few websites that you might find helpful.

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Commission for Finanical Literacy and Retirement Income

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